Autonomous Robotics Design Group

Intelligent solutions for real-world applications.

Autonomous Robotics Design Group is a design and manufacture firm specializing in real world applications of digital organic intelligence. Combining approaches such as fuzzy logic, machine learning and genetic algorithms, we provide solutions for digital control of your application.

Autonomous Robotics Design Groupís first product is the NMD-104 which is a networked motor driver designed for precise motor control applications such as control of a motorized zoom-focus-iris CCTV lens used in machine vision.  We are working toward robotic platform and component offerings such as the GEN11 - Indoor Autonomous Platform and the Smart Sensor Network Interface Module. Autonomous Robotics Design Group also specializes in applications for autonomous control systems and embedded system design.

See our consulting and CNC retrofit capabilities in the About Us section of our site.

Whatís New

News - February 20, 2010
Autonomous Robotics Design Group announces Wind Turbine products.

News - October 20, 2009
Autonomous Robotics Design Group announces a new web site!



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 SR504 - 5 Amp Solar Blocking Diodes