Company Management
Autonomous Robotics Design Group works as a nontraditional business model. Our employees work as a collaborative group similar to that of the open source community.  Our engineers and  programmers work from home offices keeping our overhead costs low.  Each designer retains intellectual property of their designs on non-consulting work which they license to Autonomous Robotics Design Group.  The payment of royalties is set such that the price of the end product is competitive with other companies offerings. However, since we have a different fee structure we can pursue highly engineered solutions at a lower price and the designers receive a higher share of the end price and have ownership of their work.

Presently our engineers are located in and around Bozeman MT.  As time progresses we expect to have portions of the company scattered in all the technology hot spots such as the robotics corridor, Seattle, Raleigh-Durham, and So-Cal.

We are proud to be associated to the faculty and students of Montana State University.

Our engineers have worked for/or under grants from:
National Science Foundation, Montana State University, The Boeing Company, The Western Transportation Institute, McDonnell Douglas, and The Montana State University Scholars Program.

We welcome solicitations for partnerships in SBIR grant proposals.

Adaptive Software Algorithms
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Manufacturing
Digital Organic Intelligence (Fuzzy logic, Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms)
Machine Vision
Smart Sensor Networks
Wireless Mesh/Ad Hoc Networking

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