CNC Retrofitting and Repair

CNC Retrofits with a PC based Control

Modern Personal Computer (PC) based CNC controls are much less expensive than other types of controls to build or maintain and often have more features. A PC based control can range from simple to complex. An example of a simple retrofit could be a 3 axis stepper driven milling machine with an Emergency stop, limit switches, and connection to a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for spindle drive speed. An example of a complex retrofit could be a CNC lathe with a 12 position tool changing turret with servo control, a hydraulic chuck, coolant, lubrication and chip conveyor. Both are possible with the added feature of graphical tool path display and built in PLC/ladder logic functionality at a very low cost compared to manufacturer specific controls.

The engineers at ARDG can either do a design that you can install yourself and act as consultants, setup and configure a computer with CNC control software, or do the work of the retrofit and install it at your site.  We will work here in Bozeman or anywhere in southwest Montana.

The cost of a retrofit will be less for machines that are complete and in working order. Often times the only cost for hardware is for a computer and interface cards to existing drivers and other machine functions.

Some factors that affect the cost of the retrofit process: 

  • Are you open to inexpensive software options?
  • Do the drive motors require replacement?
  • Are the drivers, cabling and power supply for the motors usable?
  • What input do the drivers require and will a PC based control require a motion card?
  • Does the machine have an automatic tool changer?
  • Do you have a cabinet that equipment could be mounted in?
  • What accessories must be under automatic control?
  • How much technical information do you have on the CNC machine to be retrofitted?

If you are interested in getting some assistance give us a call and we can set up a meeting to look over your application.

For information please call Gary @ 406-624-9608

CNC Repair

In the process of retrofitting CNC machines our engineers have gained valuable insight into problems that occur on CNC machines.  Often during retrofit, the problem that caused a CNC machine’s neglect (and need for retrofit) becomes apparent.  The problems are commonly as simple as a broken switch, contactor or wiring. Other times a retrofit will eliminate need for repair by elimination of bad  components in the upgrade process.

For information please call Gary @ 406-624-9608


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