DHB-102 Dual H-Bridge Board and Kit

The DHB-102 is a 2 axis motor driver for dc brushed motors or bipolar stepping motors with inputs of 6-55 vdc at less than 6 amps. Each motor’s speed can be controlled through pulse width modulation of the output.

PWM (speed), direction and brake control are provided as inputs. A temperature flag and a current sense output are provided for each motor.

Motor and power connections are made to terminal blocks so no custom cables are required. A 5-pin locking header connector is provided on the board for I/O. A 24 inch premade ribbon cable is provided which can be cut in half and connectorized to that of the logic device connector. The DHB-102 has four mounting holes in a 2.2” square pattern. The device can be installed in a small NEMA box or enclosure with ventilation provided depending on the application.

The DHB-102 is used for many applications such as positioning, robotics, and motor control.  See the AN-1003A “Robotic Differential Drive using the DHB-102” application note for an example application of a robotic platform using the DHB-102 to precisely control movement.

The list price for the DHB-102K is $69.00. An assembled and tested DHB-102 is available for $99.00.

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