February 20 2010, Bozeman MT, USA

Autonomous Robotics Design Group announces a new line of Wind Turbine components for small wind turbines.

At ARDG we are interested in helping the environment and want to make a contribution by offering Wind Turbine and Wind Generator components. Many people want to harness wind power with a home wind turbine. And it is possible to build wind turbines of wind generators at home with little expense.  However there are few companies producing precision engineered components for the home wind turbine builder. By putting some of our engineer’s time into the design of a few key components, we feel that we can contribute to the environment by offering products that match any available on the market.

Currently we are offering a custom machined Wind Turbine Hub and low loss blocking diodes for solar and wind applications.  In the future we will offer a 50 Watt Micro Wind Turbine Kit and provide more information and classes on building small home wind turbines and wind generators.

October 20 2009, Bozeman MT, USA

Autonomous Robotics Design Group announces a new web site:

Along with the new web site, we have expanded our services.  We now perform CNC machine retrofits with a computer based control using EMC2 Linux based CNC software. We recently successfully retrofitted a Bridgeport Boss Series 1 CNC Milling Machine and are in the process of retrofitting a PPL/Olivetti/Osai made Lodge and Shipley CNC Lathe. For pictures and documents describing the retrofit procedure, refer to the Reference page on our web site.

Soon we will soon be expanding our services again by offering small mechanical parts for robotic, mechatronic and CNC applications.  Look for “The Robotics Machine Shop” on our web site first quarter 2010.

August 15 2008, Bozeman MT, USA

Autonomous Robotics Design Group is a design and manufacture firm specializing in real world applications of “organic intelligence.” Combining approaches such as fuzzy logic, machine learning and genetic algorithms, the company hopes to be on the leading edge of the coming wave of the mobile robotic industry.

Autonomous Robotics Design Group is working toward robotic platform and component offerings such as the GEN11 - Indoor Autonomous Platform and the Smart Sensor Network Interface Module.

Autonomous Robotics Design Group also specializes in applications for autonomous control systems and embedded system design.

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