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NRD-104 Network Relay Driver

The NRD-104 is a computer controlled 4 axis relay driver for ac or dc applications up to 110 vac. With a simple software protocol, relays can be actuated for a duration or controlled with analog feedback. A feedback input is available for each axis.  The unit requires 15-28 vdc input power.

The NRD-104 is either surface mountable or may be mounted to a DIN rail with an optional adapter. Connections are made to plugable terminal blocks so that custom cables are not required.  With an envelope of 3” x 3” x 2.5” the NRD-104 will fit in a small NEMA box or outdoor camera enclosure.

The NRD-104 is used for many applications such as positioning, robotics, and security lens control. See the AN-1001A “NRD-104 as a Pan Tilt Controller” application note for an example application where the NRD-104 controls a Pan Tilt unit such as the models built by Pelco.

The NRD-104 is CE approved and RoHS qualified.

The list price for the NRD-104 is $399.00

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